Our application feature is long and will take you a considerable amount of time to fill out properly. We only accept people who we believe have a place in our team, our extensive application format is your chance to impress us and show us that you want a spot in our team and that you can show commitment.

We only consider applicants who we believe have a healthy commitment to the game, as we work as a team to achieve our goals, and not as individuals.

We also only consider trials who we believe can perform on progress, as we do not tolerate hand-holding.

You have to be eighteen years or older in order to apply, however we do make exceptions with exceptional applicants, if the application in question impresses us.

Be thorough with your application, we value a good application more than we value your gear. This is your chance to impress us.

We do not tolerate cliques, drama or hand-holding in the guild. We're a team of individuals working together. You must be able to put personal feelings and friendships aside during progress. If problems within the guild occurs we discuss and deal with the issue as a team.

You have to be able to take and give constructive criticism, we have and want to keep a healthy environment while raiding and we all strive to improve, there is nothing wrong with helping each other improve.

Although the above may seem scary, we are in general just a bunch of laid-back people who want to play at a competitive level with people of the same mindset - The mindset that progression is the absolute main focus and that we always want to improve our ranks from tier to tier.

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